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Operation Method

  1. Drag and drop the zls file you are using for the cache into Sequencer.

    Untitled - 2023-10-20T180854.967.png

  2. Activate the Use Cache option on the Sequencer or Detail view

    Untitled - 2023-10-20T181143.227.png

    Untitled - 2023-10-20T181145.470.png

  3. Set the range to bake the cache.

    Untitled - 2023-10-20T181212.217.png

  4. Choose the Render Movie mode

    Untitled - 2023-10-20T181224.108.png

  5. Run the Movie Scene Capture or MRQ

    Untitled - 2023-10-20T181234.444.png

  6. Click the Render(Local) in MRQ or Click the Capture Movie in Movie Scene Capture

    Untitled - 2023-10-20T181243.597.png

    Untitled - 2023-10-20T181244.987.png

    Untitled - 2023-10-20T181312.406.png

  7. Cache folder will be created when it is done. Inside of the folder, there will be a Geometry Cache data.

    Untitled - 2023-10-20T181326.326.png

  8. Drag and drop the Geometry Cache data into Sequencer.

    Untitled - 2023-10-20T181344.570.png

  9. Click the +Track icon to add a Geometry Cache into the track.

    Untitled - 2023-10-20T181354.725.png

    Untitled - 2023-10-20T181357.056.png

  10. Delete original zls cloth data and play the cache simulation.
    Untitled - 2023-10-20T181425.101.png
    Untitled - 2023-10-20T181427.076.png



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