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Operation Method

  1. Install version 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, or 5.3 of Unreal Engine.

  2. Visit the download link to download z-unreal

  3. Install the z-unreal plugin based on the versions of Unreal Engine you have

    Installer Download

  4. Run the Installation file after download.

    image (33).png

  5. Click Yes on the popup message box.

    Untitled - 2023-10-20T111547.827.png

  6. Click Next on the popup message box.

    Untitled - 2023-10-20T111549.578.png

  7. Click I Agree on the license popup message box.

    Untitled - 2023-10-20T111551.202.png

  8. Click Next on the popup message box.

    Untitled - 2023-10-20T111553.061.png

  9. Select Install Location and click Install.

    The default location is C:\Windows\Program Files\z-weave, and it is changeable.

    Untitled - 2023-10-20T111554.885.png

  10. After clicking Finish, the installation is completed.
    Untitled - 2023-10-20T111556.826.png



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