Release Notes

Ver 1.0
Ver 2.0
Ver 2.2
App Version: version 2.2
Date : 2022.05.20

Main features

Able to dock or undock side panels freely
Able to save and load camera positions by Camera preset
Able to modify sewing
Support Portuguese

Other features

Able to make cut and hole by Inner curve Scissor
U3M Physic save
Added four mesh boundary types
DXF export
glTF export
Capture 3D view by Image Capture


Recognizing sewing point as snap point
Supports 8-bits, 16-bits, and indexed color grayscale maps
Prevent putting extra vertices when exporting DXF
Export tangent attribute also when exporting a glTF
Logos and button are also highlighted when they are selected
Able to select multiple Logos in the 2D view
Keep the original inner curve when offsetting, even if the distance is 0
Context menu items have been translated
Anti-alias the border when capture the 3D view
Added HDR background images
Added hanger avatars


Sewing data structure is refactored.

Crash Fix

Fixed the issue that z-weave crashes when "combine force"
Fixed the issue that z-weave crashes when exporting glTF

Bug Fix

Fixed incorrect glTF Metallic-Roughness map generation
Fixed the file open performance issue
Fixed file open freezing issue
Fixed the issue that the main menu disappears when scaling up the font size
Fixed the issue that the color picker only changes the color of the first zipper tape
Fixed the issue that seam line tears out right after playing simulation
Fixed the issue that the video capture by Camera Preset is always disabled
Avoid redundant logo replication
Fixed the issue that air pressure doesn't work
Fixed the issue that the elastic width value is displayed incorrectly
Fixed the issue that some logos were missing when exporting a glTF
Fixed the issue that elastic properties didn't work when re-simulating
The current version may not be compatible with the lower version