2.0.0 (Jan 19, 2024)

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Version 2.0.0

Date: Jan 19, 2024

✨ New features

  • Live editing

    • Enable to edit patterns without simulation reset!

    • You can arrange the patterns during pause mode.


  • Sign-in with z-launcher

    • When you sign-in, z-launcher will run z-emotion site and you can sign-in via website.


  • Export 3D to mp4 using ‘3D capture’

    • The image capture has been updated to 3D capture!

    • Select File format as MP4

      Untitled 1.png

  • Highlight option applied patterns in color on the 3D vie

    • Right-click the empty space on the 3D view, and turn the Show options on/off.

      Untitled 2.png

  • Divide Curve Dialogue

    • Divide tool added

    • You can add points to the curves by only clicking.

    • When you right-click on the curve with the divide curve tool, the dialogue will appear

      Untitled 3.png

  • Sewing Distance

    • You can set the distance between sewing seams.

      Untitled 4.png

  • Move and rotate the avatar

    • You can move/rotate the avatar with gizmo after clicking the avatar in the 3D view

    • You also can control the transform values on the panel

      Untitled 5.png

  • Avatar body preset

    • You can save the Default avatar's body parameters

    • Importing and exporting avatar body parameters into preset

      Untitled 6.png

  • Avatar thickness

    • You can set the avatar thickness on the Avatar > Avatar physical properties > Thickness

      Untitled 7.png

  • Fabric Import and Export

    • You can import and export fabric in u3ma format.

    • Click fabric texture and physic each, and right-click on the texture and click the export menu.

    • If you select a physic preset on the list when exporting, the physic data will be exported together.

      Untitled 8.png

  • Opacity control by slider

    • When it goes to 0, the fabric is more transparent.

      Untitled 9.png

  • Show stitch textures in the 2D view

    • When you turn on the 2D texture on the viewing tools, you can see the texture of the stitches.

      Untitled 10.png

  • Add some pattern properties on zipper properties

    • show in 3D view/ join in simulation

    • collision/ hold/ harden

    • 2D rotation/ activation order/ layer number

      Untitled 11.png

  • Detect broken files

    • If the file is broken, the program detects it and shows the message that includes the link to submit request page.

      Untitled (7).png



  • Support high-resolution monitor

    • Icon and font is more visible in high resolution screen.
  • Background scale

    • You can control the background scale.

    • Go to Rendering panel > Settings > Background scale

      Untitled 12.png

  • Anti-aliasing

    • By controlling the anti-aliasing level, you can run the program in the lower-spec PC

    • Go to Rendering panel > Settings > Anti-aliasing

      Untitled 13.png


⚡️ Improvements

  • Multiple folds in 3d

    • You can conduct ‘fold in 3d’ multiple times on a pattern
  • Change curve creation method

    • We benchmarked Adobe Illustrator.
    • The point on the curve will be created as a smooth point as a default.
    • When you click the point during curve creation, it will be changed into a non-smooth point. So, the former curve shape will not affect the next curve shape.
    • Undo action doesn't make curve drawing stop. You can draw curves continuously after undo
  • Distinguish simulation mode and design mode

    • You can check the current mode on the below.
  • Measure disconnected curves’ lengths using a measurement tool.

    • You can measure disconnected curve length like a sewing tool.
  • Remove history data on zls

    • Its file size is too big, and there is a chance of malfunction because it contains old history.
  • Add avatar assets

    • Woman’s shoes and hair are updated
    • Man’s shoes are updated
  • Change avatar accessories during the simulation

  • Avatar speed changes during the simulation

    • If the avatar animation starts too fast, you can set the animation speed as 0 and then speed up after draping
  • Show no avatar when switching avatar type for the first time

  • Allow to keep tacks when changing avatar

    • Yes ) Remove all tacks and change the avatar
    • No ) Keep the tacks and change the avatar
  • Import OBJ avatar’s texture

  • Importing custom OBJ assets

    • You can import OBJ assets as a folder
  • Allow Default Stitch duplication

  • Button alignment

    • Align buttons like buttonholes
  • Keep the original size of the artwork

    • The program will detect the original size of the artwork. So you don't need to drag when adding a new artwork.
    • The preview will show you the original size of the artwork.
  • Image capture as shown in 3d view

    • You can capture the pressure map and wireframe with 3D capture
  • Add simulation properties name

    • collision force/ collision relaxation
    • untangling force/ untangling relaxation
  • Jittering/Untangling/Layer improvement

  • Minor improvements

    • Update translation

    • Update EULA&OSS

    • Update the rozy file version

    • Update zv icon/splash/wizard

    • Add a link on the message dialogue "zw is already running"

    • Update copyright 2024

    • Widen snap range on 3D gizmo

    • Show pin/tack properties at the same time if both types are selected

    • Guideline snap

    • Shortcuts for message box

      e.g. Press Y → Yes/ Press N → No

    • Support to import the PAD DXF files

    • Make curves selected when creation done

    • Add some context menu

      • Surface(2D/3D) - Hold/Harden/Collision
      • Curve(2D) - Surface tool

🔄 Changes

  • Block fabric placer during simulation
  • Change transform group to Avatar transform
  • Unify scale rule on dragging and dialogue
  • Change the range and default value damping
  • Image capture changed to 3D capture
  • Turn on untangling cloth as the default
  • Set custom mesh quality as 0.5

🐛 Fixes

  • Pattern moves slow
  • Divide curve snap doesn’t work on the intersection point
  • Crash while turning on the thickness option
  • Crash while exporting glTF
  • Changing material properties with the slider is slow
  • Spin box text misalignment
  • UI broken in high-resolution
  • Double click zls without signing in; cannot load zls
  • Grayscale with alpha basecolor is treated as RG textures
  • Check overlapped sewing only on the sewing creating
  • Layer number is not saved in the file
  • 3D smoothing is not applied on the 0.5cm mesh
  • Cannot hover the first object with the tab key
  • Stretch damping and global damping was not working so we fixed it
  • astar(*) mark doesn't disappear after saving
  • Fail to select all the sewing lines in the selection area
  • Some patterns have reset on fbx exporting
  • Sync simulation during 3D Capture
  • Picking bug in 3D view
    • Allow selecting a non-collision pattern
    • Block selecting hold pattern
  • Pressure map is reset when pattern join in simulation
  • Patterns are reset partly while scissor fail
  • Avatar animation synchronization issue when updating draping items
  • Allow scissor if the scissor line is very close to outline
  • Cannot export the glTF with the fabric back/side
  • Colorway is not saved
  • Cutting fold line cause fold side change
  • The simulation and sewing go wrong if former draping items have a zipper
  • Turning on the smart pinching cause penetration
  • Snap while pressing the shift key
  • Scissor with intersected curves makes overlapped vertices
  • Program stops when scissoring creates zero curves
  • Pattern looks weird when turning on the hold
  • Tack align perpendicular is not applied
  • 2D selection mode should be changed while changing selection mode in 3d view
  • Scaling surface with a dialogue box is weird
  • Sewing overlap warning even though there is no sewing
  • While sewing tool is selected, undo and redo don't work
  • Sewing disappear when I change fold roundness value
  • There is no undo history when a selected vertex is moved thru short key (arrow key)
  • Cannot import OBJ if its name contains period
  • Curve moves twice when moving it by arrow key
  • Cannot switch selection and drawing tool
  • Closing stitch doesn’t end the drawing
  • Scissor fails to detect intersection of mutually bisecting lines
  • Not restored at once when undo for scissoring a pattern after loading a zls
  • Vertex snap does not work after going through measurement state
  • Scissor with intersecting curve doesn’t work
  • Offset inner line on mirror surface created in wrong location
  • Change copyright Z-Emotion to z-emotion
  • Cannot open the top menu
  • The simulation shortcut(space) doesn't work if the top menu is hidden
  • The reset shortcut(CTRL+L) doesn't work if the top menu is hidden
  • The hovered item and selected item don't match
  • Update title bar app icon
  • High-resolution UI bug fix
  • Fabric placer wheel is too thick
  • The button connection doesn't follow when moving the buttonhole in the 3D view
  • If one side of the zipper is made in multiple places in 2D, the sewing direction may be reversed
  • Wrong zipper handle position on draping item
  • When I selected a custom avatar, it was automatically scrolling up
  • When open zls, self contain avatar is not loaded
  • Apply reset button for stitch width and length
  • The tack position changes depending on whether the mesh part is active or not
  • zipper UV is broken if the zipper is too wide
  • Avatar mesh part info is not saved in the scene (including draping items)
  • Avatar distorted when saving different body sizes in each draping item without resetting simulation
  • Avatar body parameter(ratio) is not changed in pause mode
  • Validate tack that is not associated with an avatar
  • Fabric repeat size isn’t reflected on exporting glTF
  • Buttons disappear if it connected to buttonholes
  • ZLS save fail
  • Delete the temp file just after crashing
  • Prevent opening the newer version of zls in the previous version
  • Crash while changing mesh quality on the draping item
  • Crash copying self-sewn pattern
  • Crash when I export MP4 in custom resolution
  • Crash on exporting mp4 with 3D capture if the path contains special characters like Korean
  • If scissor curve contains zero-length curve, sewing and pattern are distorted and crash
  • Multi-sewing crash and no temp file
  • Random crash at startup fix
  • Crash when dragging multiple curves out surface
  • Crash when exporting fbx+mc to a specific zls
  • Crash occurs when deleting vertex
  • non-administrator Windows user runs z-weave after installing z-weave, z-launcher does not work
  • The problem of unconditionally deleting the zemotion path in the registry when uninstalling



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