Zipper Tape Properties


Zipper Tape Properties is an option to manipulate the properties of a zipper tape pattern.
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Zipper > UI Panel > Properties > Zipper Tape Properties


Operation Method

  1. Select the zipper pattern to change the properties in pattern selection mode.
  2. Apply the desired properties to the zip tape.
  3. You can check the edited zipper in 3D view.


Show in 3D

This is an option to set whether to be visible in 3D view.
If the option is enabled, you can see the zipper in the 3D view, if it is disabled, it will be included in the simulation, but not in the 3D view.


Join in Simulation

This is an option to set whether to include it in the simulation.
When the option is activated, it is included in the simulation; when deactivated, it remains in the 2D view but is not visible in the 3D view and is not included in the simulation.



This is an option to set whether to include it in conflict handling items during simulation.
When the option is activated, the clothes will recognize the zipper in the simulation and handle the collision. When disabled, clothing zippers will not be recognized in the simulation and clothing will go through the zipper.


Show in 3D View

When the checkbox is ticked, the selected button will appear in 3D view. When the checkbox is empty, it will not be shown in 3D view. The simulation will be affected if not shown in 3D view.



This is an option that fixes the shape as is when applying the option.



This is an option to apply hard physical properties.


2D Rotation

This is an option to rotate the pattern in 2D view.


Activation Order

This option specifies the order in which the selected patterns will be activated during simulation.
The larger the value, the later it becomes active in the simulation.


Layer number

This is an options to set which pattern will be simulated by placing it over the surface.
Higher values place it further above the surface, lower values place it further down the surface.





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