Avatar Transform

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Avatar Transform is an option to manipulate the position and rotation of your avatar.
You can select an avatar in the 3D view and manipulate it with the gizmo, and you can manipulate it by entering values in the UI panel.
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UI Panel > Avatar > Default > Avatar Transform


Operation Method

Gizmo Operation

  1. Select an avatar in the 3D view.
  2. Use the Gizmo to place it where you want.
  3. You can switch move/rotate using the icon at the top of the 3D view or the shortcut key (W/R).
  4. You can switch the gizmo type with View > Gizmo > World/Local (Shift+G).

UI panel Operation

  1. Go to UI panel > Avatar > Default > Avatar Transform.
  2. Place the avatar in the desired position by entering the desired values in the slider and input window.


Rotation X/Y/Z

You can change the degree of rotation of the avatar by adjusting the value.

Translation X/Y/Z

You can change the position of your avatar by adjusting the values.




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