2.6.360 (Jul 7, 2023)

  • Updated

Version 2.6.360

Date: Jul 7, 2023

⚡️ Improvements

  • Enable the snap function on the stitch tool
  • Support for opening DXF files created on Mac
  • Preload texture assets when loading a program
  • Treat close points as connected when folding in 3D
  • Keep the mesh shape in 3D view after the scissor

🔄 Changes

  • Update fabric texture and the physic assets
  • Update translations
  • Update preset assets
  • Allow deleting pin/tack in the 2D view during simulation

🐛 Fixes

  • The pin was moving in the 3D view (#1072)
  • Draping items being unstitched and redone if they have an activation order (#1115)
  • Scissor breaks surfaces when the cutline and outline are not snapped (#1111)
  • Sewing doesn't go in the direction I want (#1105)
  • The advanced option on exporting dialogue doesn’t work (#850)
  • Add missing translations (#1098)
  • Sstitch/artwork/buttonhole disappeared in the 3D view (#1103)
  • Make FBX avatar speed compatible following the version (#1096)
  • Scissor caused a crash in the specific file (#1092)
  • When creating a closed shape of stitch, the last segment turned into an inner curve (#1110)
  • The wrong 2D view icon is included (#1107)
  • Exporting a specific file to glTF cause a crash (#1108)
  • Some stitches disappear on FBX+mc output (#1094)
  • Apply the smoothing option in the 3D view properly (#1091)
  • Colorway and camera preset windows are always turned off on running the program (#1088)
  • Show tack warning message on appending zls file to prevent tack goes to the wrong position (#1085)
  • Some stitches disappear on exported formats (#1095)
  • Weird sewing appears in the specific file (#980)
  • The tack warning message appears on the opening file, including advanced avatar (#1089)
  • The reset layout doesn't apply the default UI panel setting properly (#968)
  • Prevent copy and paste in 3D view (#1083)
  • Show Korean on the language options



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