1.0.279 (Apr 28, 2023)

  • Updated

Version 1.0.279

date: Apr 28, 2023

⚡️ Improvements

  • Show accurate body parameters regardless of poses
  • Apply common rules on app icons
  • Show message when failing to execute scissor
  • Support offline login
  • Make sewing point as snap point on multi sewing

🔄 Changes

  • Change the method of weight for simulation
  • Change the selection of the file path/file name on the export dialogue

🐛 Fixes

  • Fixed FBX being exported overlapping
  • Fixed to kill z-weave in the background when uninstalling
  • Fixed a crash on executing scissor on specific sewn curves
  • Fixed wrong letters appear on saving in file asset
  • Fixed pinching shortcut from shift to ctrl
  • Fixed the case smoothing option is not working properly
  • Fixed a crash during sewing on a specific file
  • Fixed the failure to get MacAddress
  • Fixed creating zipper seam reversely on mirror patterns
  • Fixed some pattern options get disabled
  • Fixed that the temp sewing is not applied on loading a draping item and simulating it
  • Fixed that the harden is not applied on loading a draping item and simulating it
  • Fixed that resource embedded option of glTF doesn’t work
  • Fixed showing the wrong body shape on loading a draping item
  • Fixed a crash when activating in file avatar
  • Fixed to changing texture does not affect tessellation
  • Fixed the penetration during changing body parameters(ratio)
  • Fixed a crash when loading a draping item with the deleted custom avatar
  • Fixed a crash when moving tacks on an avatar which has multiple mesh parts
  • Fixed a crash on simulation with an invalid pin
  • Fixed not allowing hover points with pin/tack selection mode
  • Fixed some multi-selection that doesn’t work with the shift key
  • Fixed jaggedness when applying the smoothing to inner curves



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