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💡 Before applying Create Simulation Object to an avatar in Maya, be sure to back up the original avatar. After applying Create Simulation Object, it will be difficult to modify and use for other purposes.
💡 There should be only one zelus group in the Outliner. If you are using a zls file, please load the zls file before executing Create Simulation Object.
If you need to load the zls file after Create Simulation Object, please delete the group you applied Create Simulation Object before using the Delete Entire Simulation System menu.
💡 You can load only one zls file. If you want to load another zls file, please delete the old zls with Delete Entire Simulation System.
💡 For animations with significant changes in motion, we recommend a subsetps value of 5 or higher.
💡 If the avatar is moving around before the clothes are fully dressed, reducing the Draping Time can reduce the amount of simulation time spent on the clothes.
(If you need more Draping Time, change the Start Frame to a negative value).




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