Avatar Import

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Operation Method

  1. Delete the avatar that was included in the zls file to apply the new avatar to the simulation play.
  2. Imports an avatar file to use in the simulation play.
  3. Select the avatar's mesh and apply z-maya > Create Simulation Object at the top.
    If it doesn't work right away, check out the cases below.
    • If it is a binding avatar, select the mesh and locked items on the ChannelBox. And execute the Unlock Selected.
    • If avatar meshes include keys, select items which have keys on the ChannelBox. And execute the Delete Selected.
      Select avatar meshes and click Modify > Freeze transformations to set ChannelBox values as default. (Translate 0, Rotate 0, Scale 1)
  4. Select the Avatar mesh and set zelusClothMeshShape > Physical Properties > Sim Type to KINEMATIC in the Attribute Editor tab.
  5. Align the avatar and clothes.

    • Moving clothes to align
      1. Select the pattern(mesh) you want to move, Outliner > zelus > clothPattern sub-item.
        (You can also select it directly in the perspective view).

      2. Position it with the gizmo in the perspective view.

    • Moving the avatar to align
      1. Select the top tab of the Bone directly visible in Outliner and group(ctrl+G) it.
      2. Select the grouped Group 1 and position it with the Gizmo in the perspective view.



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