Load zls file

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This feature is to load zls format files made in z-weave/zeavric.


Operation Method

  1. Click z-maya > Load zls file

  2. Select the zls format file made in z-weave/zeavric.
    (z-maya supports the zls after z-weave 2.6 / zeavric beta version)

  3. The zelus is created on the Outliner window.
    The zelus contains properties included in zls like cloth pattern/ avatar/ sewing/ stitch/ accessories/ stitch/ pin/ tack.
    You can control each of the properties on the Attribute Editor window.

    Outliner Attribute Editor Editable values How to create
    zelus zelusSceneShape mesh quality Load zls file/
    Create cloth
    zelusSimParamsShape simulation setting - speed/accuracy/environment Load zls file/
    Create cloth
    clothPattern zelusClothPatternShape physical properties/mesh Load zls file
    clothMeshes zelusClothMeshShape simulation type/physical properties Create cloth


    ※ Note: You can load only one zls file. If you want to load another zls file, please delete the old zls with Delete Entire Simulation System.



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