Create Simulation Object

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This feature is to apply Cloth Pattern properties on the meshes, which are not included in the zls.


※ Note: There should be only one zelus group in the Outliner. If you are using a zls file, please load the zls file before executing Create Cloth.
If you need to load the zls file after Create Cloth, please delete the group you applied Create Cloth before using the Delete Zelus menu.


Operation Method

Create Simulation Object -Mesh/Pattern

  1. Select the mesh to which you want to apply the Create Simulation Object feature.
  2. Click z-maya > Create Cloth.
  3. As ClothPattern, the Attribute Editor >zelusClothMeshShape window is activated.
  4. You can apply Physical properties on the mesh, like a Cloth Pattern from the zls file.


Create Simulation Object -Avatar

  1. Import an avatar you want to apply the Create Simulation Object feature.
  2. (Optional) If it is a binding avatar, select the mesh and locked items on the ChannelBox. And execute the Unlock Selected.
  3. (Optional) If avatar meshes include keys, select items which have keys on the ChannelBox. And execute the Delete Selected.
    Select avatar meshes and click Modify > Freeze transformations to set ChannelBox values as default. (Translate 0, Rotate 0, Scale 1)

  4. Select the avatar's mesh and apply z-maya > Create Simulation Object at the top.
  5. You can see that the Attribute Editor >zelusClothMeshShape panel is active, as is the ClothPattern.
  6. You can set Sim Type in Attribute Editor >zelusClothMeshShape panel.
    Typically set to KINEMATIC for animated avatars, including animations.
    If the Sim Type is Kinematic/Static, the Physical Properties items are disabled.
    Only when the Sim Type is Dynamic will the Physical Properties items be enabled.

    • Dynamic
      Maya recognizes meshes with the Dynamic property as Cloth Pattern and can have Physical properties applied to it, such as cloth Pattern.

    • Kinematic
      Recognizes avatars with bones and animations.

    • Static
      Maintains its shape during simulation, usually applied to non-animated objects.

      ※ Physical Properties zelusClothPatternShape: These are the same settings as the Physical Properties for the Cloth Pattern, allowing you to apply Physical Properties to the clothes you have worked on in Maya.
      ** Image with Dynamic/ Kinematic/ Static settings and without Create Cloth applied.



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