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Menu Bar includes essential items for using zeavric.




On the File menu, user can open /save ZLS format and import/ export supported file formats.

  • New
    is a function to create a new workspace

  • Open
    is a function to open ZLS format files that were saved or downloaded.

  • Append
    is a function to open another ZLS file while keeping the current ZLS file open.

  • Save
    is a function to save working data as a ZLS file.

  • Save As
    Save As
    is a function to save working data as a ZLS file with another name.

  • Import
    is a function to open other file formats such as DXF.

  • Export
    is a function to save the other file formats such as OBJ/ DXF/ GLTF/ FBX/ FBX+mc/ Alembic.

  • Recent Files
    Recent Files
    is a function to show a list of ZLS files recently opened.

  • History
    History is a function to display the action history and enables you to jump to a specific step.

  • Exit
    Exit is a function to leave the zeavric program.



On the Edit menu, users can operate various functions such as Undo/Redo, Pin/Tack.

  • Undo/Redo
    is a function to undo and redo actions.

  • Tack
    is a function to attach a point on a Surface to another point on a Surface or Avatar.
  • Pin
    is a function to fix a point on the Surface to the Pin position in 3D View.
  • Quick Move
    Quick Move
    is an arrangement function to attach two points on a Surface to two point on an Avatar in 3D View.
  • Fabric Placer
    Fabric Placer
    is a function to change the direction of Texture, Weft/Warp on a Surface.


On the View menu, user can operate Gizmo control and Image Saving Option control.

  • Gizmo

    World Gizmo
    World Gizmo
    is created based on the X/Y/X axis of 3D View space.

    Local Gizmo
    Local Gizmo
    is created based on the X/Y/X axis of selected object.

  • Image Capture
    Image Capture
    is a function that saves the image shown in 3D View.

  • Normal
    is an option to show the front direction of the Fabric.



On the Simulation menu, user can control Simulation actions.

  • Start/Pause
    is a function to run and stop a simulation.

  • Step
    is a function that runs the simulation frame by frame.

  • Reset
    is a function to reset the simulation state to an arrangement state.



On the Window menu, user can control the Toolbar and Window.

  • UI Panels
    UI Panels
    is an option to show or hide entire UI Panel on the zeavric window.

  • Detail View
    Detail View
    is an option to show or hide the Preview image shown when hovering over the Fabric/ Avatar icon.

  • Language
    is an option to select the program language.
    For now, zeavric supports English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Japanese, Portuguese, Italiano.

  • Reset Layout
    Reset Layout
    is a function to restore the zeavric window layout as the default.



On Help menu, users can get version information and user contents and log out manually.

  • About
    About is a function to check the zeavric version information.

  • Manual
    Manual links to the manual page on the website.

  • Samples
    Samples links to the sample downloading page on the website.

  • Community
    Community links to the community page on the website.

  • Logout
    Logout is a function to sign out of zeavric.
    After selecting Logout, the zeavric window will terminate, and a Login message box will appear.






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