Scissor & Sew

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The Scissor & Sew function cuts one surface into two or more surfaces and makes sewing between them.



2D View > Outer Curve > Context Menu > Scissor & Sew
2D View > Inner Curve > Context Menu > Scissor & Sew
2D View > Outline > Context Menu > Scissor & Sew


Operation Method


  1. Click on the 2D menu and select Curve to draw an inner curve/ outline / outer curve that cuts through the surface.
  2. Select the lines/ curves to scissor in All/ Curves Selection Mode.
  3. Right-click on a line/ curve to open the context menu, then select Scissor.
  4. Separated surfaces will be created based on the line/ curve where you applied the Scissor tool. Curves you want to Scissor must not be intersecting.
    ※Note: Sewing line will remain even after the surface is separated.




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