2.6.7 (Apr 5, 2023)

  • Updated

Version 2.6.7

date: Apr 05, 2023

✨ New features

  • Able to select whether to include colorway and draping board
  • Import FBX as avatars
  • Set different materials on the front/back/side surface
  • Darken backside view
  • More options for Surface properties
    • Hold patterns
    • Harden patterns
    • Skip Collision
  • Accessories Collision
  • Export to Alembic /USD format
  • History library
  • Rigid damping
  • Extract UV to fit within (1,1) coordinates
  • (Dev) Contain resources into the zls file
  • (Dev) Distinguishable file format between z-weave and zeavric
  • (Dev) Signature on the zls file

⚡️ Improvements

  • Extract UV that only objects shown in the 3D view
  • Add expand option on Offset to the inner line
  • Zip and unzip following zipper handle location
  • Save avatar accessories on the draping item
  • Undo on editing avatar poses
  • Curve smoothing option on importing DXF
  • Pin/Tack selection mode
  • Show lines between tacks
  • Spacing patterns after scissors
  • Advanced avatar accessories collision
  • Add the Italian language
  • Combine the same materials on exporting FBX+mc
  • Add extend>expand option type to 'offset inner line’
  • Add help center menu
  • Capture the draping item thumbnail as a 3D view

🔄 Changes

  • Turn off the curve smooth option as a default
  • Change the multi-select shortcut to shift
  • Remove OBJ Sequence export
  • The draping item thumbnail reflects a current 3D view

🐛 Fixes

  • Fixed typo issues
  • Fixed an issue that body parameters are not saved
  • Fixed a crash when scissoring patterns
  • Fixed to add avatar with drag and drop
  • Fixed freezing when draping items that include specific language
  • Fixed the diagonal window issue
  • Fixed non-uniform side UV
  • Fixed that fabric preset was not applied properly
  • Fixed a crash on importing OBJ as an avatar
  • Fixed simulation explosion on tack
  • Fixed that body shape becomes different on changing pose
  • Fixed freezing on importing DXF
  • Fixed that zipper is created in reverse on mirrored patterns



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