Selection Toolbar

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On Selection Toolbar, the user can control what to select with a mouse click or drag.

If there are multiple types of items, the user can use the Selection Toolbar to select only the types you want.Untitled__25_.png


  • Select All Type
    Select only activated Surface, Curve, Point, Pin, and Tack.

  • Select Surface
    Select only activated Surface.

  • Select Curve
    Select only the activated Curve.

  • Select Point
    Select only Point, Pin, and Tack.

  • Select Sewing
    Select only Sewing Line.

  • Select Pin/Tack
    Select only Pin, Tack.

  • Select Deactivated Type
    Select only deactivated Surface, and Curve.

  • Select Stitch
    Select only Stitch.

  • Select Artwork
    Select only Artwork.

  • Select Button
    Select only the Button, Buttonhole, and Button connection.



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