3D Viewport

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In the 3D Viewport and Viewport Toolbar, the user can bring 2D patterns to 3D space and simulate them.



Viewport Toolbar


  • Show Wireframe
    Show Wireframe is an option to show or hide the triangular mesh that makes up the Surface.

  • Show Smoothing
    Show Smoothing is an option to show the garment surface shape smoother without changing the mesh quality itself.

  • Show Thickness
    Show Thickness is an option to show garment thickness applied on the Surface during the Simulation Pause state. If its option is off, the surface will be shown as the minimum thickness of the Surface.

  • Show Pressure Map
    Show Pressure Map is an option to show the pressure on a garment.
    The bluer it means the less pressure on it, and the more yellow it means, the more pressure on it.

  • Show Darken backside
    Show Darken backside
    is a function to distinguish the front and back of the fabric.
    The front side will keep the original color, and the back side will be darker than the front.

  • Show Sewing
    Show Sewings is an option to show the sewing lines in 3D View.

  • Show Gizmo Move/Rotate
    Gizmo is an option to change Gizmo types.
    Users can switch Moving Gizmo to Rotating Gizmo and Rotating Gizmo to Moving Gizmo.



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