Zipper Properties

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Zipper Properties is a function for changing the handle type/ handle direction/ tape type/ handle position/ color/ Show in 3D Viewport properties.
Zipper properties are applied to each zipper created, changing the properties of one zipper will not affect other zippers.


Zipper > Left Panel > Zipper
Zipper > Right Panel > Properties


Operation Method

  1. Select the zipper to change in 2D canvas and 3D viewport via All/ Surface Selection Mode.
  2. Edit the zipper.
  3. You can check the edited zipper in 3D viewport.



Handle Type You can select the zipper handle type.
Reverse Direction You can reverse the direction of zipper handles.
Tape Type You can select the zipper tape type.
Show in 3D View When the checkbox is ticked, the selected button will appear in 3D viewport. When the checkbox is empty, it will not be shown in 3D viewport. The simulation will be affected if not shown in 3D viewport.
Handle Position You can determine where to place the zipper handle on the zipper.


Handle/ Tape Color

Use the Color Tint tool on the zipper handle and zipper tape object to give color.


Color Tint

  • Basic Color
    This is the default color palette.

  • Pick Screen Color
    After clicking on the corresponding function, select a color on the screen with the cross icon to make color chips. This function can be operated outside of the z-weave screen as well.

  • Custom Colors
    This function can be used to save colors.

    1. Select a slot to save a custom color.
    2. Select the color.
    3. Click Add to Custom Colors.
    4. You can check the saved color in the selected slot.
  • Color
    You can pick a color directly or enter the hue/saturation/value (HSV), red/green/blue (RGB), or HTML values manually.
    This is the default color palette.




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