Artwork Properties

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Artwork Properties is a function for changing the width/ height/ angle/ Show in 3D View properties of artworks.
Artwork properties are applied to each artwork object created on the surface, changing the properties of one artwork will not affect other artworks.
Meanwhile, artwork material properties are reflected in all artworks of the same type.



Right Panel > Properties


Operation Method

  1. Select the artwork in 2D and 3D views in Artwork Selection Mode.
  2. Assign and edit to the desired conditions.
  3. The applied artwork will appear in 2D and 3D views.
    ※Note: Artwork texture in 2D view is shown in a state with texture activated via the 2D menu.



Width This function is for adjusting the width of artworks.
Height This function is for adjusting the height of artworks.
Lock This function is for fixing the ratio of artworks. lock.png
Ratio Reset This function is for resetting the ratio of artworks back to the default. reset__1_.png
Angle This function is for rotating the angle of artworks.
Show in 3D View

When the checkbox is ticked, the selected artwork will appear in 3D view. When the checkbox is empty, it will not be shown in 3D view. Simulations will not be affected with this function.



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