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Stitch is a function for drawing stitches directly on the surface or for adding an offset.



Design Toolbar > Stitch
2D Canvas > Inner Curve / Outline > Context Menu > Offset to Inner Line


Operation Method

Stitch Action Tool

  1. Click on the Design Toolbar, then select Stitch stitch.png
  2. Select a type via Left Panel > Stitch.

  3. Use the Stitch cursor to create a type of stitch on the surface in 2D canvas.

  4. Right-click or press Enter to complete the stitch.


Offset 1

  1. Select the lines/ curves in All/ Curves Selection Mode.
  2. Right-click on a line/ curve to open the context menu, then select Offset To Inner Line.
  3. Set the distance and number of inner curves in the Offset to Inner Line dialog box, then click OK to create.


Offset 2

  1. Select the stitch to move from 2D canvas in Stitch Selection Mode stitch_select.png

  2. Double-click the stitch type in Stitch Selection Mode (Left Panel > Stitch).




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