Custom Stitch

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Custom Stitch is a function for importing stitches of various formats to add to the Stitch Materials list.



Left Panel > Stitch


Operation Method


  1. Select the stitch created in Stitch Selection Mode, or select the Stitch tool on the Design Toolbar to show via Left Panel > Stitch.
  2. Press Go Up in the Default folder via Left Panel > Stitch to enter the parent folder, then click on the Custom folder.
  3. Click on the New Material icon in the Custom folder, then select the stitch material.
  4. Or drag-and-drop a supported file format and place via Left Panel > Stitch > Custom.

    ※Note: Supported formats: u3m, xtex, png, jpg, bmp
  5. You can check the added stitch in the Stitch Materials list.


Stitch Application

  1. Select the stitch to change via Stitch Selection Mode.
  2. Double-click on the stitch to apply from the stitches via Left Panel > Stitch.
  3. The applied stitch will appear in 3D viewport.




A file format that includes the repeat size, map, and physic.
Importing an u3m file loads the included map image.



A file format that includes the repeat size and map.
Importing a xtex file loads the included map image.


png, jpg, bmp

These image file formats can be used to create new stitches.
Importing these file formats will use the loaded image as the base color.

※Note: Unlike fabrics, stitches only support base color and normal maps.



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