Multi sewing

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Multi Sewing is a function for sewing (M:N) across several segments.

※Note: It does not matter if the segment starts and ends with a point.



Design Toolbar > Multi Sewing


Operation Method

  1. Go to Design Toolbar > Multi Sewing Tool.
  2. Click on a point to sew on the outline or inner curve to set the starting point.
  3. Set the sewing segment to the outline or inner curve.
  4. Click on a point on the outline or inner curve to set the ending point to complete the sewing segment.
  5. The above method, can be applied to each starting and ending point in order to create several sewing segments.
  6. After setting the sewing group for one side, press Enter to complete.
  7. The same process can be applied to the opposite side, each step can be undone.



Sewing Starting Point Starting point of a sewing segment.
Sewing Ending Point Ending point of a sewing segment.
Sewing Segment Sewing segment between the starting and ending points.
Sewing Group Sewing group made up of multiple sewing segments created by multi-sewing.
Sewing Line Sewing line between a sewing group when creating or selecting a sewing.




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