Create Pose

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Create Pose is a function for creating new avatar postures.



Right Panel > Avatar > Advance > New Pose


Operation Method

  1. Go to Right Panel> Avatar> Advance> New Pose.
  2. Click on + icon (New Pose). 
  3. Avatar Joints and Edit pose tab will be shown.
  4. Select a joint you want to edit and change its value in the Right panel or 3D viewport.
  5. the Edit pose tab by clicking the on/off icon.


Edit mode on/off icon

Edit mode is activated by turning on the icon. This tab only appears when selecting a custom pose.

The editable joint gizmo appears in the 3D viewport when turning on the edit mode.

Joint hierarchy

Joint hierarchy shows the relation between joints. When the upper class of joints move, the lower class will follow it.

Joint parameter controller

Joint parameter controller adjusts joints parameters. The joints can be controlled by the joint parameter controller in the UI Panel and by the joint gizmo in 3D viewport. If you reset all parameters, the avatar will revert to the default A pose.



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