Avatar Physical Properties

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Avatar Properties is a function for adjusting the friction and animation speed of the avatar.



Right Panel > Avatar >Advance > Avatar Physical Properties


Operation Method

  1. Enter the desired friction and animation speed in Right Panel> Avatar> Advance> Avatar Physical Properties.
  2. You can check whether friction, animation speed, and thickness are applied during the simulation.



Friction is an option for adjusting the friction between the surface and the avatar.

The higher the value, the stronger the friction between the two elements, which makes the surface and avatar less slippery during contact.

Animation Speed

Animation speed is an option for adjusting the avatar’s animation speed after the draping time.

The higher the value, the faster the animation will reach its final pose.

If the value is too large, it can move to the final pose without completing the simulation, so an appropriate value is necessary.


Thickness is an option for controlling the avatar offset.

The lower the value, the closer the clothes simulate to the avatar surface.



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