Image Capture

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Image Capture is a function for saving the image shown in 3D viewport as an image file.
Use the image capture function to make the background transparent or set the desired size to save, this would obtain a greater variety of results than regular screen captures.



Simulation Toolbar > Image Capture

Design Toolbar > Main menu > View


Operation Method

  1. Go to Simulation Toolbar > Image Captureimage_camera.png.
  2. Select an option and click Save.
  3. The captured image can be accessed through This PC > Document > z-weave folder as shown in the figure below.




Transparent background This option is for determining whether to capture the background as is or to make it transparent.

This function is for designating the image size.
The predetermined resolution can be used such as 720p, 1080p, 1k square, etc. Or it can be set custom for any resolution.

Width/Height Custom resolution enables width/ height controls to set the horizontal/ vertical length of the image.
360° Images 360° Images is a function that rotates the camera 360° around the avatar to capture the screen from various angles.
Image Counts This option is for determining how many 360° images will be taken. The higher the value, a smoother 360° image can be captured. For example, an image count of 36 captures images by turning 10° at a time.
File Format This option is for choosing the image file format like PNG or JPG.

This function is for opening the folder where the image is saved.
The default path is C:\Documents\z-weave.




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