Sewing Settings

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Sewing Settings are functions for controlling the strength and speed of sewing.
These functions can be controlled even after running a simulation.



Right Panel > Simulation > Basic Settings > Sewing Strength
Right Panel > Simulation > Basic Settings > Sewing Speed


Operation Method

  1. Adjust the sewing strength and sewing speed via Right Panel > Simulation > Basic Settings.
  2. Speed and strength can be checked by running the simulation.



Sewing Strength

This option determines the sewing strength.
The higher the sewing strength, the tighter it becomes, making it possible to forcefully sew clothes that are not completely sewn.
The higher the value, the stronger it sews against external factors and physical properties; the lower the value, the lower the threshold is to external factors.

Sewing Speed

This option determines the sewing speed.
The higher the sewing speed, the faster it sews. When the sewing speed is raised, the sewing completion rate can be raised according to the speed.



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