Stiffen in Draping Time

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Stiffen in Draping Time is a function to temporarily stiffen material properties on surfaces during draping time to make the simulation more accurate.
Surfaces with Stiffen in Draping Time applied is made stiff during draping time.
After draping time, it returns to its original physical properties.



Surface > Right Panel > Pattern Properties > Stiffen in Draping Time


Operation Method

  1. Select the surface to stiffen during draping time.
  2. Go to Right Panel> Properties.
  3. Enable the Stiffen in Draping Time button in Pattern Properties.
  4. When enabled, the corresponding surface is simulated with stiffened physical properties during draping time. When disabled, the corresponding surface is simulated with default physical properties regardless of draping time.
    ※ Note: Adjust via Right panel> Simulation> Basic Settings> Draping Time to simulate physical properties stiffened for longer or shorter times.



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