Avatar Material Properties

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Fabric Material Properties is a function for changing the properties (e.g. repeat size, color, map) of fabrics in the Fabric Materials list.



UI Panel > Avatar > Advance > Avatar Color


Operation Method

  1. Select avatar texture via UI Panel > Avatar > Advance > Avatar Properties.
  2. Click on the Color Tint icon to open the color palette and enter the desired color.
  3. Move the slider or activate the checkbox to change the level of each property.


Color Tint

Basic Color This is the default color palette.
Pick Screen Color After clicking on the function, select the desired color on the screen with the cross icon to make color chips with the corresponding color. This function can be operated outside of the z-weave screen.
Custom Colors

This function can be used to save colors.

1.Select a slot to save a custom color.

2. Select the color.

3. Click Add to Custom Colors.

4. You can check the saved color in the selected slot.

Color You can pick a color directly or enter the hue/saturation/value (HSV), red/green/blue (RGB), or HTML values manually.




Specularity shows the reflection rate of materials.

The lower the value, the lower the reflection rate; the higher the value, the higher the reflection rate.

[Generally, actual objects have values between 0.2 and 0.5 with a default of 0.5]


Roughness shows the level of roughness of materials.

The lower the value, the smoother the surface; the higher the value, the rougher properties will lead to a matte finish.


Metallic shows whether materials are metallic or non-metallic.

(Metals and non-metals react to light very differently, so even if it has the same color and roughness, the results may appear different).



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