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Operation Method

  1. Run the Installation file after download.그림1.png
  2. Click Yes on the popup message box.
  3. If you already have the old version, please follow the below process.
    1. Click Yes to continue.Untitled.png
    2. Click Next on the popup message box.
      Untitled 1.png
    3. Choose the uninstall option, and click the Uninstall.

      ※If you check the Custom Assets option, all the custom assets you used in the old version will be deleted.

      Untitled 2.png
    4. Click the FinishUntitled 3.png
  4. Click the Next to install the new z-weave.Untitled 4.png
  5. Click I Agree on the license popup message box.Untitled 5.png
  6. Select Install Location.
    (Default Location is C:\Windows\Program Files\z-weave and it is changeable)Untitled 6.png
  7. Click Install.
  8. After clicking Finish, the installation is completed.
    If the Run z-weave option is checked, z-weave will open immediately after installation.
    If the Show CHANGELOG.txt option is checked, a text file including changes and updates will be opened immediately after installation.Untitled 7.png

Operation Method (DEV)

If you want to run the installer in silent mode, please run the installer using the /S  parameter via Command Prompt. (only capital S)
e.g. C:\Users\Username\download\setup_zw_3.0.23 /S

You should terminate the z-weave currently used before using the silent installation. The new installer/uninstaller will kill the z-weave, but in the current process, it cannot kill itself.



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