Panel(Docking Panel)

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By using Docking Panel, the user can arrange UI Panel to their preference.
It is possible to rearrange the UI Panel in the z-weave main window or to move it outside the main window.



UI Panel


Operation Method

Docking Bar

  1. Click and drag the Docking Bar of the UI Panel to the desired position.
    Untitled (33).png
  2. The position where UI Panel will be changed, which is displayed in blue.
    Untitled (34).png
  3. Release the mouse on the desired position to arrange UI Panel.


Docking Button

  1. Click the Docking Button from the UI Panel.
    Untitled (35).png
  2. The UI Panel is separated from the main window.
    The separated UI Panel does not affect the main window and moves independently.
    Untitled (36).png
  3. If you press the Docking Button when it is separated from the main window, the UI Panel goes back into the main window.
    Untitled (37).png





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