Sewing Properties

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Sewing Properties is a function for changing sewing line properties.



Sewing > UI Panel > Properties > Sewing Properties

Sewing > Right-Click


Operation Method

UI Panel

  1. Select a sewing in Sewing Selection Mode.
  2. Adjust the value and options via Sewing> UI Panel> Properties> Sewing Properties.


Context Menu

  1. Select and right-click the seamline that you want to change the properties to Sewing Select Mode.
  2. Click the option to apply to the seamline.
  3. If a dialog appears in the option, enter and apply the desired value.



Sewing Angle

This function is for setting the angle between surfaces connected through sewing.

The basic flat plane is set at 180°. A smaller angle folds the surface inwards; a larger angle folds the surface outwards.

Untitled (14).png

Sewing angle.gif


Activation Order

This function is for setting the order of sewing for the simulation.

The larger the value, the later it participates in the simulation. Surfaces cannot be ignored or penetrated according to order unlike Surface Activation Order.




This function is for invalidating sewing lines by disabling the temporary option after draping time.




This function is for reversing the direction of a sewing segment/ group on each side connected by a sewing line.

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