Create Draping Item

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You can save the scene in the Draping board tab after running the Simulation.
You can select the item from the saved draping item(s), and select Apply to return 2D and 3D views to the corresponding viewpoint even after completing other tasks.



UI Panel > Draping Board


Operation Method


  1. Run Simulation.
  2. Click on the Draping board tab, and click Add on the bottom.
  3. The draping item that saved the current 2D and 3D viewpoints will be created.



  1. Create combinations to register as colorway item.
  2. Click Add on the bottom-right via UI Panel > Colorway.
  3. Added color combinations will be created as a colorway item and added to the list.



  1. Right-click on a draping item you wish to delete, and right-click to open the Context Menu and select Delete.
  2. The deleted draping item will be removed from the Draping board list.




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