Stitch Properties

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Stitch Properties is a function for changing the width / length / color / Show in 3D View properties of stitches.
Stitch properties are applied to each stitch object created on the surface, and it does not affect other stitches even if the properties of a single stitch are changed.
Meanwhile, stitch material properties are reflected on all same stitch types.



Stitch > UI Panel > Properties > Stitch Properties


Operation Method

  1. Select the stitch to change in 2D and 3D views in Stitch Selection Modestitch_select.png
  2. Assign and edit the desired conditions.
  3. The applied stitch will appear in 3D view.



Stitch Width

Value for setting stitch thickness.
The higher the value, the thicker the stitch is created due to a wider top and bottom width.


Stitch Length

Value for the length of one stitch.
The higher the value, a horizontally loner stitch is created.


Color Tint

  • Basic Color
    This is the default color palette.

  • Pick Screen Color
    After clicking on the corresponding function, select a color on the screen with the cross icon to make color chips. This function can be operated outside of the z-weave screen as well.

  • Custom Colors
    This function can be used to save colors.

    1. Select a slot to save a custom color.
    2. Select the color.
    3. Click Add to Custom Colors.
    4. You can check the saved color in the selected slot.
  • Color
    You can pick a color directly or enter the hue/saturation/value (HSV), red/green/blue (RGB), or HTML values manually.
    This is the default color palette.



Show in 3D View

When the checkbox is ticked, the selected stitch will appear in 3D view. When the checkbox is empty, it will not be shown in 3D view.



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