Buttonhole Material Properties

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Buttonhole Material Properties is a function for changing the map properties of buttonholes.
Button material properties are reflected on all buttonholes that apply the same type of buttonhole.
Meanwhile, buttonhole properties are applied to each buttonhole on the surface, changing the properties of one buttonhole will not affect other buttonholes.



UI Panel > Properties > Buttonhole Materials > Buttonhole Material Properties


Operation Method

  1. Select the buttonhole created in Buttonhole Selection Mode, or select the Buttonhole tool on the 2D menu via UI Panel > Properties > Buttonhole Properties.

  2. Press Go Up in the Default folder via UI Panel > Properties > Buttonhole Materials to go to the parent folder, then click on the Custom folder.

  3. Select the buttonhole in the Custom folder.

  4. Buttonhole Material Properties tab will appear at the bottom of the buttonhole list.

  5. Click on the Map icon to select a map material file for the application.

    Drag-and-drop a format file that can be used with the map (e.g. png, jpg, tif).

    ※Note: To preserve the original file
    Make a copy via UI Panel > Properties > Buttonhole Materials > Custom Buttonhole > Duplicate and edit buttonhole material properties.




Click on the map icon to apply the desired map or drag-and-drop a supported file format (e.g. png, jpg, tif).


Base Color

Base color map determines the overall image and color of materials.
It supports images of 24 bits and higher.

Normal Normal map adds shade on the surface to create an illusion of curves on the map.



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