Custom Fabric

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Custom Fabric is a function to add and create various types of fabrics to the Fabric Materials list.



UI Panel > Fabric > Fabric Materials


Operation Method

Create custom fabric 1

  1. Click on New Material (+).
    Untitled (30).png

  2. Select the image resource data to import as fabric.

    ※Note: Supported formats: u3m, xtex, png, jpg, tif
  3. You can check the fabric added to the Fabric Materials list.


Create custom fabric 2

  1. Go to the Preset folder in the fabric list.
  2. Right-click the fabric that will become the base and duplicate it.
  3. The duplicated fabric outside the preset folder is added as a custom fabric.

Custom fabric application

  1. Select the pattern you want to apply the fabric to.
  2. Select the fabric you want to apply from the list and double-click it.
  3. You can check the applied fabric through 2D view/3D view.

Custom Fabric Export

  1. Select the custom textures and properties you want to export one by one from the fabric material list and material property list.
  2. Right-click the custom fabric and execute export.
  3. Set the path and name to save the custom fabric and save.
  4. The custom fabric with the u3ma extension is saved in the set path.

Import custom fabric

  1. Click on New Material (+).
    Untitled (30).png
  2. Select the fabric you want to import.
  3. The imported data is added to the custom fabric list and material properties list.



A fabric file format that includes texture repeat size and map.
In the case of u3ma, it is a file format that includes physical properties, and when importing, physical property presets are added to the physical property list.



A file format that includes the repeat size and map.
Importing an xtex file loads the included map with the repeat size and map image.


Image Files (jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, tif, tiff)

Image files can be added as new fabrics or used as maps for existing fabrics. When adding a new fabric, the image file is used as a base map.

※Note: 8-bit/16-bit BW images cannot be used for base color map.

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