Simulation Time

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Simulation Time is a function for adjusting the run-time simulations. This option cannot be changed during the simulation.



UI Panel > Simulation > Basic Settings > Draping Time
UI Panel > Simulation > Basic Settings > Activation Order Interval


Operation Method

  1. Adjust draping time and activation order interval via UI Panel > Simulation > Basic Settings.
  2. Speed can be checked by running a simulation.
  3. If avatar starts animation faster than expected, increase the draping time.
  4. If you want to set a difference activation orders for simulations, the Activation Order Interval value can be changed.
  5. Adjust the value appropriately to obtain stable simulation results.



Draping Time

Shows the time for which the simulation runs.

Draping time can be checked on the bottom of 3D view during the simulation.

  • When draping time is set at 1.0 sec, the simulation runs for 1.0 sec before the avatar animation begins.
  • In order for simulation to be carried out completely, a draping time has to be larger than the (largest value of activation order) X (activation order interval) so that all components can simulate.
    ※Note: Draping Time > (Largest value of Activation Order) x (Activation Order Interval)

Activation Order Interval

Shows the time difference simulated between activation orders among surface properties.


If the activation order is set as 0/1/3 for surfaces A/B/C and the activation order interval is 0.2 sec,
surface A is (activation order 0) x (interval 0.2 sec), and is enabled immediately when the draping time is 0.0 sec.
surface B is (activation order 1) x (interval 0.2 sec), and is enabled when the draping time is at 0.2 sec.
surface C is (activation order 3) x (interval 0.2 sec), and is enabled when the draping time is at 0.6 sec.




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