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The Fold function is to set the angle of inner curves for a folding effect.



Inner Curve > UI Panel > Properties > Inner Curve Properties > Fold


Operation Method

  1. Select the inner curve for folding in All/ Curves Selection Mode.
  2. Enter your desired angle value via UI Panel> Properties> Inner Curve Properties> Fold.
  3. Enable Fold in 3D to fold while in 3D view.
  4. Adjust the Roundness and Smoothing options to make the folded lines appear smooth.
  5. You can check whether the angle was applied properly with the color of the inner curve in 2D view.
  6. Simulate to check whether inner curves with angles are folded in 3D view.




Angle is a function for setting the folding angle by adjusting the value.

The basic flat plane is set at 180°. A smaller angle will lead to the surface folding inwards, and a larger angle will lead to the surface folding outwards.

  • Blue: 180º (flat plane)
  • Yellow: <180º (folds inwards)
  • Violet: >180º (folds outwards)


Roundness is a function for setting the roundedness of angles.
A lower value will have sharper folds, and a higher value will have rounder folds.
For example, with a 5 cm roundness value, a 2.5 cm offset is given to each side to create a round curve. This function is useful to softly fold neck collars.



Strength is a function for setting the strength of folds.

The higher the value, the stronger it folds to external factors and physical properties, the lower the value, the lower the threshold is to external factors.


Fold in 3D

Fold in 3D is a function for folding and placing in 3D view according to the line where the angle was set.


Side Change

Side Change is a function for changing sides when applying Fold in 3D for segments.



Smoothing is an option where smoothing can be applied to inner curves in 3D view.
Enabling smoothing will show smoothly folded inner curves.
Disabling smoothing will show sharply folded inner curves.

※Note: Smoothing results can be checked only when enabling smoothing in 3D view.






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