Divide Curve

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Divide Curve is a function that divides a 2D curve by adding points on it.
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2D Action Tool >Divide Curve


Operation Method

Operation Method 1_Default

  1. Select Divide Curve tool from the 2D Action Tools.
  2. Add a point by clicking the desired location on the curve.
  3. The curve is split based on the added points.

Operation Method 2_Dialog

  1. Select Divide Curve tool from the 2D Action Tools.
  2. Right-click on the curve to be divided to open a dialog box.
  3. Set and apply options between Divide into Two Curves or Divide Uniformly.


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Total Length

Indicates the total length of the selected curve.


Divide into Two Curves

Option to divide a single curve into two.
By inputting the required length value or ratio in Line1/Line2, you can divide. In the 2D view, line segments 1 and 2 may be identified by color, and the total length value is always equal to the sum of the two line segments.


Divide Uniformly

Option to split one curve into multiple equal curves.
The same number of curves as set by Number of segments is created.




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