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The Hole tool is used to make holes on surfaces.



2D View > 2D Menu > Hole (H)
2D View > Curve > Context Menu > Scissor


Operation Method


  1. Click on the 2D menu, then select Hole.
  2. Select the surface to create a hole.
  3. Create a start point of the hole on the surface, then use lines/ curves to draw your figure.
  4. Return to the start point to complete the hole or press C to close the figure, it will automatically connect the last point to the start point to create the hole.


  1. Draw your desired hole on the surface using inner or outer curves.
  2. Right-click on a line/ curve then open the context menu and select Scissor.
    ※Note: The selected lines/ curves must be a closed figure with all the lines connected.
  3. A hole will be created according to the selected line/ curve shape.




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