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1. Basic Course


1-1) Make surface & 3D view


1-2) 3D arrangement & 3D gizmo


1-3) Select tool & 2D viewing toolbar


1-4) Sewing, Elastic


1-5) Scissor, Button, Stitch

Samples File Path: C:\Program Files\z-weave\media\samples


1-6) Folding, Zipper



2. z-weave 2.5 Release


2-1) Animation Export FBX + MC files

A great 3D animation starts from a great 3D content. We are happy to announce the first Tips and Tricks video of the year where our 3D Fashion Designer Zuzu shows how easy it is to export FBX + MC files from z-weave and import them into any other digital content rendering software. If you are a z-weave beginner user or wish to learn some z-weave exciting features of the new release, stay tuned! this is just the beginning of our weekly tips series.


2-2) Avatar: Advance vs Legacy Avatar

Setting up a realistic avatar is the first crucial step for fitting, staging, and marketing. Ready to start this new week with a tutorial fully dedicated to avatar setup in z-weave? Discover the endless possibilities with z-emotion of adjusting your avatars: skin tone, body parameters and poses are just a few of the changes you can apply in the 3d design studio.

Thanks to the ease of use of the moving bars or 3D view, you can quickly customize your family of avatars for any project. 


2-3) Scissors : Advanced Scissors

Looking for a knit fringe dress for today’s 3D outfit? In this tutorial, our 3D Fashion Designer Nana helps you in the creation of fringes and holes to embellish your design. With the support of ‘scissors’ and ‘hole’ new features, you are now able to quickly create decorations for your patterns.
Discover and enjoy all the new shortcuts for a smoother 3D design process.


2-4) Folding and Zippers

When you're looking for a super-hyper-realistic result for a 3D hoodie, you must keep an eye on the details. In today’s #z-weave tutorial, our designer Zuzu shows you all the tips and tricks for folding and zipper functions in z-weave. Design the most comfortable running hoodie with the best-in-class 3D design studio tool.


2-5) All About Grading

From pattern to production. All About Grading. In this tutorial, our design Zuzu will guide you through the main grading features of the new release z-weave 2.5. Among the key characteristics:

- You can now easily know the distance of grading points by size.

- The system automatically adjust the stiches per size to avoid to sew all the sizes separately.

- It's easy to dress in various avatar sizes because the patterns is sewn by size.


3. z-weave 2.6 Release


3-1) Import FBX as avatars & Export to Alembic /USD format

In this first tutorial about 2.6 Release you will learn how smooth and fast is to import FBX format. Plus, you will discover how easy you can export in Alembic and USD file formats. Watch it out and stay tuned for the next one!


3-2) Surface properties & Accessories Collision

Struggling with collisions in 3d? Turn up the power on your design work with z-weave version 2.6. Experience the freedom and flexibility of some new important feature enhancements like the improved management of collisions and the possibility to hold or harden pattern pieces during 3d simulation.


3-3) Save Options and History Library

Want to reduce the file size when saving 3D data? Looking for the history of your file? Discover the latest features of z-weave in this third tutorial. Learn how to select and save draping boards and colorways as you want. Then, if you want to know the history of your file, you can easily check it in the timeline folder to improve your workflow and apporval process. Watch it out in this third tutorial of 2.6 release. 



4. z-weave 3.0 Release


4-1) Avatar Customization

We've added a bunch of exciting new features to enhance the personalization of the avatar library and make your content even more exciting. 


4-2) Live Editing

In this tutorial, you'll delve deeper into the Live Editing features.


4-3) Fabrics

In this session, we will delve into the world of digital fabrics and explore new features to enhance their properties and settings in the software.


4-4) Additional Improvement

This video is packed with helpful tips and tricks to streamline your design process and make it a breeze.



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